Healthy plants mean healthy profits

We provide landscapers with remote soil-moisture data so they can optimize irrigation — saving time, trees, and water

We’re creating a breakthrough soil-moisture sensor

in collaboration with scientists and engineers at the University of Georgia. Our patent-pending technology will help landscapers and farmers conserve water and improve plant health.

We are currently working with landscapers who install and warranty trees. If that’s you, we can help you save:


View soil-moisture data on our website/app instead of driving to a job site


Ensure that your trees survive the warranty period


Irrigate only when your plants have restricted access to water
“There is currently no product on the market that solves our problem; however, Reservoir’s device will meet our needs...If Reservoir’s product saved 10% of the trees that currently die, this would generate a $16.5M/year revenue surplus.”
Tony Fargnoli
Manager at BrightView Landscaping Services
“Reservoir’s product would save us time, expenditures, and environmental impacts of travel to a site...We are very interested in becoming customers once Reservoir has an end product.”
Dr. Kelby Fite
VP & Director of Research at Bartlett Tree Experts
“A significant amount of trees dies under warranty from improper watering, and there is no technology that can effectively prevent this. Reservoir’s product would remedy this situation...We will buy Reservoir’s prototypes and provide feedback so that they can create an optimal end product.”
Jeff Covell
Owner of More Than Trees

How does our technology work?


Our innovative sensor determines whether plants can use water in the soil


This information is sent to the cloud through a cell signal


Users log into our website/app to view soil-moisture data from their job sites

We are currently raising money through grants and investors
to complete R&D on our sensor